Project International Student Outreach


Ryan and Caroline Geer and their seven children served as missionaries in Taiwan from 2013-2020. Although they planned to spend the rest of their lives serving in Taiwan, they had to return suddenly to the States in early 2020—thinking then that their days of working in missions had ended. Shortly after returning to the States, they learned about International Student Ministry—and that although they were no longer able to “go to the nations,” the nations were coming to them! Students from their adopted home of Taiwan and from around the world, including closed countries, are coming here to study and need people to serve and befriend them—and to tell them about Jesus.

Having served as missionaries in Taiwan for seven years, the Geers are excited to be ministering to international students in the Tampa area at the University of South Florida and St. Leo University, and Hillsborough Community College. They look forward to building relationships with these students by serving and caring for them and seeking out opportunities to share the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Acorn is partnering with the Geers and International Students, Inc. to provide launch funding followed by a monthly, sustaining funding partnership. Every gift will be matched up to $5,000.