The Pines


The Pines is a Christian Children’s home in Welkom, South Africa working with orphaned children. Read about the ministry at We are highlighting four siblings who just arrived at The Pines. Needed are educational sponsors ($40 per month) and living expense sponsors ($40 per month) for each child. Sponsorships can be arranged at Click on the photos below for further information on each child. Submit the name of the child you wish to sponsor here ( and you will be contacted by The Pines with photos and personal profiles.

Please consider these additional sponsorship opportunities.

Living expense and Educational sponsorships are each $40 per month.


  • Kamohelo is a girl, age 8 needing both Educational and Living sponsorships.
  • Thlonolofatso is a boy, age 9 needing both Educational and Living sponsorships.
  • Ntsiki is a girl, age 2, needing a Living sponsor.
  • Thato Jr. is a boy, age 10, needing an Educational sponsor.
  • Reha is a girl, age 7, needing an Educational sponsor.
  • Bobo is a boy, age 1, needing a Living sponsorship.
  • Luvoyo is a boy, age 2, needing a Living sponsorship.
  • Bophelo is a boy, age 3, needing and Educational sponsor for pre-school.