Project Romania

Stoenesti, Romania

About Project Romania

Vio and Estera, along with their adopted son, Dani serve the Lord among children and teens in the south part of Romania, and have recently been serving behind Romanian borders through virtual ministry reaching 800-1100 children weekly. They are also volunteers with Samaritan Purse, helping distribute shoe boxes to children and holding evangelistic meetings. Parents and children have been introduced to the Gospel because of this project. Estera has a degree in psychology and is qualified to teach in schools and in an orphanage.

The Cernats have been supported by a donor who recently passed away. Due to lack of funds, Vio and Estera have needed to stop their Bible study in the orphanage, as well as the shoe box project. Their village work has needed to be cut from twelve villages to two. With sufficient support they will be able to renew their full schedule of ministry.