Acorn Global Advance

Engaging entrepreneurs to accomplish global gospel projects.

United Prayer

God’s people praying individually is important. However, God’s people praying together was the oxygen of the early church. The early Christians, compelled and propelled by united prayer, turned the world upside down. Every revival or awakening in church history is connected to united prayer. Yet, few believers and churches employ united prayer. Acorn Global Advance seeks to promote united prayer as an untapped resource in Gospel advance.


We encourage God’s people to use creativity to generate funds, above current income, for Gospel advance. Consider asking God to use a talent, expertise, hobby, or belonging to provide an income stream that He can bless in abundance for the advance of His kingdom. Acorn calls this means of missions funding, “Grace-businessing.”


Acorn Global Advance seeks to connect life-changing local and global Gospel projects to the interests and resources of individuals and groups. Consider us a non-commissioned missions broker. We also enjoy giving donors the confidence that 100% of gifts to Acorn projects are fulfilled without administrative fees. Donations to Acorn’s general fund make this unique networking possible.