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United Prayer

God’s people praying individually is important. However, God’s people praying together was the oxygen of the early church. The early Christians, compelled and propelled by united prayer, turned the world upside down. Every revival or awakening in church history is connected to united prayer. Yet, few believers and churches employ united prayer. Acorn Global Advance seeks to promote united prayer as an untapped resource in Gospel advance.

The Case for United PrayerReceive a FREE copy of The Case for United Prayer. You can either assist with the shipping costs, donate to Acorn Global, or simply receive your free book.

Business Innovation

We encourage God’s people to use creativity to mobilize resources and generate funds for gospel advance. Consider asking our Creator God to bless and develop a talent, expertise, hobby, or business idea to advance His kingdom. Acorn calls this “Grace-Businessing.” We can help! 


Acorn Global Advance seeks to connect life-changing local and global Gospel projects to the interests and resources of individuals and groups. Consider us a non-commissioned missions broker. We also enjoy giving donors the confidence that 100% of gifts to Acorn projects are fulfilled without administrative fees. Donations to Acorn’s general fund make this unique networking possible.

Memorial | Legacy | Honor

Make a memorial donation in honor of a loved one who has passed, a legacy donation to support those training others in Christ’s teachings, or by honoring someone special with a donation in their name. 

Memorial, Legacy, Honor
The Story

The following video is the summary of a true story. It is like many good stories you’ve heard or read, but the more you hear, the more you’ll realize this is not just another story—it is THE story. It defines us all. It makes us think about who we are and who we can become. And so…